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Committee Information


This Committee deals with the overtime callback SOG, and plays a key role in making minor adjustment to steamline the SOG. The 5.2.1 committee also deals with disputes that arise from the callback procedure. Members include:  Matt Mariani, Chris Hart,  Deric Weiss (Mgt.), Brian Sherrard (Mgt.)

Contact: Matt Mariani
Benevolent Fund
Contact: Gary Burton
Civil Service

Chris is the designated Liasion to the Civil Service Commission, and the first point of contact on all Civil Service issues across the Local.

Contact: Chris Hart
This committee runs all elections for the Local. Providing date and timelines, voting instructions, and generally keeping the Locals elections process running smoothly
Contact: Beau Allen
This Committee reviews potential grievance for validity, and recommends a specific action to the Local's Executive Board. Members are a sub-committe of the E-Board.
Contact: Executive Board
Health Care Benefits Committee
The Health Care Benefits Committee is responsibile to the Union Executive Board to discuss the benefit levels offered by the Union's Health Trust. This committee represents TVFR, Molalla, and the Newberg Firefighters. Current members are Tim Nokes, Mike Penunuri, Rocky Hanes, Ryan Schenk, Brian Smith, Gary Burton, Zach Williams, and Jimmy Smario
Contact: Rocky Hanes
Health Trust - NW Firefighters Relief Association
The Health Trust is made up of 3 Trusttees.  are the current Trustees. They have the fiduciary responsiblity to oversee the financial aspects of the Health Trust
Contact: Tim Nokes
Human Relations
This committee is designed to handle issues between co-workers before it warrants action from managment. They specialize in conflict resolution, and keep the process confidential.
Contact: Jon Bullock

Local 1660 has 3 members who sit on NFPA Committees.

DFM II Tom Mooney

DFM II Ty Darby

DFM I Stephanie McKee

Contact: John Lee
Peer Fitness Trainers (PFTs)
PFTs are responsible for direct communication and motivation for our members in all aspects of Wellness. Members of the PFT team are:
Contact: Matt Mariani
Peer Support Committee
Contact: Erik Peterson
Political Action Committee - PAC

Members: Brian Smith, Dave Halley, Chris Hart, Scott Bethke, Ryan Schenk and Ron Morgan

Allocates use of political funds, organize political action, candidate interviews, political endorsements, coordinate with OSFFC and Oregon AFL on political action, educate and inform members.    

Contact: Brian Smith
Safety Committee

John is the Union representative to the Fire District's Safety Committee. Dave Halley can also be contacted if John is unavailable or if historical perspective is needed.

Contact: John Sconce
Substance Abuse Committee Members (Union)
This committee represents labor on the TVFR substance abuse committee. Their role is to find out the facts, and determine if there was "reasonable suspicion" to drug test a member. Members include: Scott White, Miles Ulven, and Ryan Robinson (Alt.)
Contact: Chairperson
Veterans Committee
Contact: Ty Darby
Wellness Committee

This committee is designed to work with managment on all aspects of Wellness. Members include: Dave Halley (Chair), Todd Raeburn

Contact: Dave Halley
International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1660
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